Although we have repeatedly pointed for many years the BG regulation (trade association) for hose testing, this safety service is not yet known by everybody.

DGUV BGR 237 Hydraulic hose – test specification

Subject to the operational and machine-specific determination of test periods by the operator of the work equipment and subject to specific specifications by the machine manufacturer or the manufacturer of the hoses or hose lines, the BGR on page 26 of the test periods listed in table 1 for hydraulic hose lines are recommended on page 28 table 2 the replacement intervals.

Accordingly, hose lines are available on hydraulically hand-operated tools have to be checked every 6 months and switch off after 2 years.


We let your hose externally and independently checked by a TÜV-certified company.
Due to the risk assessment and specific operational conditions if necessary, shorter inspection periods can be set. You can also use longer time limits, provided that the security-technically justifiable and this is justified.

In the presence of a documented risk assessment, the period may be up to 24 months (exam) | 6 years (exchange).

Hose test

Price per hose test:

only € 38,00 incl. test certificate

article number: 300042