Conditions of Use

By sending your order you agree, that you´re a commercial consumer and not a private person. The ipr GmbH only sells their products to commercial customers. Privat persons will not be supplied.

Terms and conditions of delivery and payment

For all supplies to apply exclusive our terms and conditions of delivery and payment. Dissenting specifications of the customer needs a written agreement.

Conclusion of contract

The sell of our products is only in commercial quantity.
The representation of the assortment from ipr per internet on personal computers, is not an offer as defined by §§145 ff BGB. If the customer gives an order to ipr, he gives an offer defined by §145 BGB. The customer get an acknowledge receipt of his order in an E-Mail. On potential nonconformities in the notices of the assortment on the website, ipr will seperately indicate the customer to submit a counteroffer. The contract with ipr come off, if ipr accept the offer. The acceptance can be done conditionally of disposability of the ordered product or accomplishment. The declaration acceptance of ipr owed to the customer is not required, the customer disclaim in terms of § 151 S.1 BGB. If ipr cannot accept the offer from the customer, we inform the customer verbally or written.


All prices are net cash additionally transport- and if necessary packing costs as well as sales tax. Foreign customers with valid sales tax identification number will be delivered sales tax free.

Shipping costs:

We charge flat transport- and packing costs for the transport. Please cull the current prices from the shipping and handling index in our online-shop.

Conditions of payment:

The products will be delivered with a bill. The due date of payment is 30 days without deduction. By payment within 7 days we confer 2% cash discount. We reserve to deliver against cash in advance if you´re a new customer.

For our distributor and customers outside from Germany,
there valid other conditions of payment:

30% partial payment by order, 70% per cash in advance by advice of supply availabillity.
These 70% has to verified with confirmed letter of credit from companys, who based outside from germany.

Bank account:

vr-bank Südthüringen
Konto 5504421973
BLZ 84094814


ipr delivers the ordered product, if it´s in stock, at the adress wich is denoted by the customer. We reserve a part-delivery. The risks and harm of the shipment is by the customer, immediately the product is commit to the assigned logistic partner.


If the ordered product is not complete in stock, it´s reserve by ipr, to be made a part-delivery, unless it´s advantageous for a fast clearing. The part-deliverys  will be managed in our terms of payment.

Delivery reserve

As a consequence of unforeseeable events like strike, war, fire, sovereign arrangements, natural disaster, traffic congestion etc. a delivery inccured complete or partial.

Change reservation

A technical change as well as commercially meanderings from dimensions, weight and color changes is reserve by ipr.

Quality guarantee:

ipr affords 12 months of guarantee to all products. The period of guarantee starts from date of invoice. ipr except, by abnormal handling of the tools (divergent to the insteructions for use) to concede no guarantee.

Customer complaint

The customer has to examine the product after delivery referred to §§377, 378 HGB and possible letters of complaint and put into writing. A notice of defect within five days it´s accurately timed.

Place of jurisdiction, place of execution, law applicable

Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising of or with the contract is Coburg. The supplier is authorized to bring an action in the consumers business location. Place of execution for all commintments of the contract, if its not arise out of the acceptance of order, the business location of the supplier. For all contracts applies the german law as agreed. The provisions of the CISG is excluded.